Festive team building ideas


Christmas is a great time for togetherness, even in a professional context. A time when we can engage with our colleagues on a more informal basis. A great way to do this is through team building games and activities. It’s not limited to the festivities, you can use team building games to kick-start the New Year when everyone’s feeling like they ate too many mince pies!

Creating fun scenarios and games are great for all character types to interact. In the adult social care sector we can also involve our service users and customers as a way to find out more about the people that we come into contact with on a daily basis. If you do want to include a business element, incorporate brainstorming around improvements for 2019 or plan some reflective time to discuss what successes can be built upon in the organisation.

Here are some ideas to add Christmas cheer to team building!

Awards ceremony

This can be as fun or serious as you like. Why not reward someone for making the most cups of tea for the team over the year, or perhaps a service user who’s told the most funny jokes. There are lots of ways to present awards and incorporate fun ideas. You could encourage people accepting the awards to give an “Oscars” style speech for example. Whatever you choose to do, it’s a great opportunity to shine a light on staff that aren’t always recognised for their efforts, however large or small.


The Pairs’ Game

Pairs is a great way to improve communication and quick and easy to set up:

Gather a team together and ask them to think of well-known pairs. For example, fish and chips, King and Queen, Gin and Tonic. 

Write each word from a pair on separate pieces of paper. Stick a piece of paper (containing one half of the pair word) to each participants back. Make sure no-one gets their own suggestions. 

Participants mingle and ask each other yes or no questions. To score points, participants will need to find the person who is their pair match. 

Some other ideas to spark your imagination:

Everyone brings in a child photo and add a note on what this person likes or dislikes, people vote on who they think it is.

*  Host a game show e.g. The Generation Game, Bullseye or Pop Quiz.

*  In house ‘spa day’ or pamper day.

*  Gift wrap or unwrap timed challenges – could be people or things! Make it easy or hard, wear oven gloves or mittens – to encourage team work in the challenge.

*  Play “I’m a celebrity” get me out of here.

It would be great to hear what fun team building game ideas you have. Tweet us to share your ideas. Use the hashtag #SantasTeamGamesand tag us in @LyndenConsult.

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