Converting leads to customers


I am often asked by providers for help to get more customers. This is a valid request as customers are the lifeblood of any business. 

Recently, I worked with a client to develop a series of marketing initiatives to increase the number of enquiries they received.

Their feedback was positive, as they told me of the increase in phone calls, and that a number of people had also visited the service to take a look around and find out more.

However, they were perplexed that the enquiries had not converted to actual clients and were now worried about what to do.

Examining this predicament further I placed a few mystery calls to the service and soon discovered that there were a number of  ‘back office’ processes that had not been put in place to support the recommended strategies.

Phone calls were not properly answered or recorded and so following up on enquiries was virtually impossible. In addition, when people visited the service it wasn’t clear who showed them around or what information they received.

We worked our way through these issues, and a few more besides, to develop a clear and consistent way to capture enquiries and convert leads to actual customers.

I was thrilled a few weeks later to receive another call from the client, to tell me that they were now fully occupied and had a waiting list in place.

Edna Petzen @LyndenConsult is the director and consultant at Lynden Consulting, a strategic management, marketing and communications company helping organisations develop marketing strategy, build and protect their brand, improve performance and achieve communication excellence. Find out more.

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