Communicating effectively with your audience is vital for any business. We combine creative and strategic thinking to develop compelling and effective campaigns to influence how people think, feel and act. 

Edna has provided expert advice and support on all of the media and communications for the National Care Forum. She has been invaluable in helping us navigate as the care sector has held an unrelenting place in the media spotlight throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. She has worked with the NCF and our very broad membership – offering support, wisdom, expertise – and most importantly passion. She has understood just how vital it has been to ensure that people are at the heart of every story we tell, just as people are at the heart of care.

Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of National Care Forum

PR and Public Affairs

We use our expertise in PR and public affairs to help you raise awareness and influence decision-makers on the issues that matters most to you and your audience.

We help you to determine your communications goals and objectives, define your key messages and identify the channels best suited to achieving your aims across all platforms, including print, digital and broadcast media. 

Edna has been an invaluable part of the media communications and PR work for the National Care Forum throughout the last few years. She has worked tirelessly to enable us to speak effectively and passionately on behalf of the not for profit sector and the people that they support, raising important issues especially during the pandemic and giving them and us a strong voice to challenge on key issues, advocate for change & celebrate great care & support.

Liz Jones, Policy Director, National Care Forum


My market is care information rather than care services, but Edna grasped the difference, listening rather than just hearing, and put together a press release and distribution package that got me national newspaper and online coverage.

Philip Mickelborough, CEO Kingsbury Hill Fox Ltd

Internal Communications

Your employees are vital to achieving your communications success. Engaging and motivating them has never been more important. 

Employees at all levels represent your brand and when effectively involved can reinforce your corporate values and key messages, and deliver services that keep your customers happy and satisfied. 

Using our expertise, we make sure that strategies combine external with internal communication aims, to help you to connect and engage your staff positively for business success.

The Grange found its way to Edna through the Surrey Care Association, where she had already established herself as a trusted trainer with a good understanding of the sector. We knew that Edna delivered excellent training on marketing and external communications. However, our brief to Edna was to help us explore the thorny issue of internal communications  – raised in successive staff surveys as an area for development at The Grange.  

Edna delivered a comprehensive and well-paced day of training for senior and middle managers, using the issue of a proposed organisational review to talk us through the process of planning good communications. She combined theory and practical activities, allowed plenty of time for discussion and spoke in an engaging and encouraging way.

“We would definitely return to Edna for support in the future. Her session has inspired us to pilot ‘Workplace’ by Facebook as a social networking tool within our organisation; to create a new website with linked ‘intranet’ capabilities; to use podcasting as a means to communicate with the wider Grange community, on and off site; and to issue more regular staff updates about key ‘stories’ such as the reorganisation, office moves and whole-Grange initiatives.”

Eloise Appleby, Chief Executive Officer
The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities